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Low-income energy assistance program LEAP

LEAP Administered by Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado

Low-Income, High Heating Bills?
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For current information on LEAP

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What is LEAP?

LEAP is an acronym for Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

  • LEAP is a federally funded program
  • LEAP operates from November 1st through April 30th
  • LEAP is administered by Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado
  • LEAP is designed to help eligible low-income households with winter home heating costs
  • LEAP is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating


Who qualifies for LEAP assistance?


  • You pay home heating costs to an energy provider, fuel dealer, or as part of your rent.
  • You are a permanent legal resident of the United States and Colorado or you have household members that are U.S. Citizens.
  • You provide proof of lawful presence in the U.S.
  • Your maximum family household income falls within the guidelines. “Household” means people who live with you and for whom you are financially responsible. 
Where do I get a LEAP application?
  • Call (866) Heat-Help or 1-866-432-8435
  • Available for pickup at El Paso County Citizen Service Center after November 1st
  • Local utility vendors offices
  • Colorado Springs Utilities payment drop boxes
  • Community Partner Agencies
  • For more information on Colorado Energy Assistance What is the next step?

  Regular Applications:

  • Please mail application using postage paid envelope provided.
  • Drop-off at one of the Colorado Springs Utilities payment drop boxes
  • Fax entire application and verification to LEAP at 719-633-9098
  • Do Not hand deliver to the LEAP office! Applications WILL NOT be accepted at the LEAP office

What if it is an emergency? 

Emergencies are defined as:

  • Discontinuance of service
  • Low or out of propane
  • Services have been disconnected


When will I know I am approved?

  • Regular Applications - LEAP has 50 days to approve or deny an application from the date it is received


 Emergency Applications
  1. LEAP has 14 days to approve or deny an application from the date it is received
  2. While working an emergency application LEAP has the ability to request a hold from automated vendors to allow LEAP time to complete processing a LEAP application


My furnace is not working?

  • CIP (Crisis Intervention Program)
  • Energy Outreach Colorado

Contact 1-(866)-HEAT-HELP {1-(866)–432-8435}



Main Phone Line (719)442-0007

Call 24 hrs. 1-(866)-HEAT-HELP {1-(866)-432-8435}




P.O. Box 39200

Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Email information

Applicants may also email their LEAP application to our office as well as scan and email requested documentation to