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Human Services

Citizens Service Center 
1675 W. Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, CO  80907
(719) 636-0000
Hours: 8 - 5 Weekdays
Except Holidays

Lorraine Center
301 E. Iowa Ave.
Fountain, CO  80817
(719) 444-8303
Hours: 8 - 4:30 Weekdays
Except Holidays

Calhan Office
328 10th Street
Calhan, CO  80808
(719) 520-7897
Hours: 10 - 4:00 Wednesdays

Except Holidays

Family Visitation Center
701 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 444-5898
Hours: 9 - 7 Mon - Thurs
Hours: 9 - 5 Fri
Hours: 9 - 3 Sat
Except Holidays

Important Information

To Report Child Abuse or Neglect:

 719-444-5700 or e-mail


To Report Adult Abuse or Neglect:

719-444-5755 or e-mail


Apply and Check

Your Benefits Online (PEAK)


 Food Stamps & Family Medical Ongoing Customer Service Line    



Fraud Hotline: 719-520-6903


Request For Records Form


Effective 3/15/10, DHS will replace only one EBT/Quest card for clients every six-month period. Any further card replacements need to be requested through J.P. Morgan at 1.888.328.2656.

Child and adult protective services

What Happens When You Call DHS & When Should You Call Video

El Paso County Department of Human Services works with doctors, hospitals, law enforcement officials, schools, and others to identify maltreatment, abuse and/or neglect. All referrals are confidential and Colorado Law protects people from liability if they make a report in good faith. Reports may be made anonymously as well.


CHILD PROTECTIVE INTAKE SERVICES assesses and checks into all child abuse and/or neglect allegations. Specific protocols are followed for each report. Services are directed toward alleviating danger in order to protect children, and if possible, keep the family intact. A 24-hour child abuse hotline is available for reporting child abuse and/or neglect situations.  Annually an average of more than 11,000 reports are made to the agency.   

CHILD PROTECTIVE ONGOING SERVICES provides home-based services to families who have allegations of physical abuse, neglect or are at high risk for these factors. These families are assessed, then referred by Child Welfare Intake if they need continued services to protect children and rehabilitate families. Services include: individual, group, or family therapy; parenting classes; domestic violence treatment; drug/alcohol treatment; crisis intervention; and life skills training. When children cannot be maintained or reunited with their parents within a reasonable time, efforts are dedicated to provide alternative living arrangements that are most beneficial to the child which preserve emotional kinship, identity, and continuity. Approximately 900 families receive services from Ongoing Protective each year.
ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES focuses on at-risk adults who are elderly or disabled and in danger of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation. Professional staff assesses the need for protection and directly intervene if necessary. Assistance is available in obtaining medical care, community resources, mental health referrals or living arrangements. If you suspect an adult is being abused, exploited or neglected, you can help by reporting your concerns to Adult Protective Services. Approximately 947 reports of abuse and neglect are made annually. 

Note: Faxes are monitored between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm.