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Human Services
Assistance Programs

Welcome to the Assistance Programs Information page of the El Paso County Department of Human Services. Our assistance programs are broken down into two major areas - Family Programs and Adult Programs. Though many of the programs are common to  both areas the rules governing eligibility, services provided and the application process vary. We will attempt to provide information that will help you.

Apply and Check Your Benefits Online (PEAK)

  • Must create an account to apply for Colorado Assistance Programs PEAK for all programs offered
  • When you apply these are the things that you may need to provide verification for:

 Age, Citizenship, Colorado Residency, Income, SSN, Resources, Expenses, Disability (if applicable), Application for SSI (if applicable)

Food Assistance
Family Medical
Adult Financial & Long Term Care



Temp Assist for Needy Families (TANF)

Adult Medical Programs
Child Care
Burial Assistance